Pressure and Gravity

Stable, universal usage: Adapted Cores for all Processes

Attractive and innovative applications are practicable in the fields of sand, chill-mold and pressure casting. Though the filled Combicore inlay tubes keep their shape also at a casting pressure of more than 1000 bar.

The core casing is adapted to the alloy melt and provides an optimal coefficient of thermal expansion and at the same time a minimal corrosion potential.

The core casing is either fused, partially melted or molded depending on the selected casting parameters (e.g. temperature, casting pressure, flow velocity) and alloy matching (melt / core casing).

The molding material is mechanically removed or rinsed after the casting process. Further information can be found here.

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  • Near end outline casting
  • Light building Components
  • Efficient usage of resources
  • Form stability at casting pressure
    >1000 bar

Image: Flat cores for cooling elements

undercuts in High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

Combicore is process reliabel

Because of the extremly high pressures sand cores cannot be used in Pressure Casting. With the slider technology cavity casting was not possible and the caster is fixed on staight axis.

Combicore changes this situation. Combicore cores can also be used in pressure casting and allow the construction of near net shape cast parts inexceptional design.