Stable, filled inlay tubes for foundries

Near end outline casting with remarkable material savings

Foundries make channels for oil, water and other cooling liquids or gases by using Combicore cores.
The thin walled tube is stabilized with a filling and therefore resists casting pressures of more than 1000 bar.

In light metal casting usually pure salt cores without binder and any other chemicals are used. Normally the core casing is a thin-walled aluminium tube.
In heavy metal casting other suitable materials are used.

After the casting process the filling material is removed completely. The metal casing remains in the cast part.
Combicore cores are lost cores.

Typical applications are found in the automotive sector, as for example gear box housings, engine blocks, calipers and cooling elements for electric cars.

straight coreMetall cover
+ Filling
= Core

Combicore geometries are varied and individual

The Revolution in High Pressure Die Casting

Combicore foundry cores offer numerous benefits

  • Suitable for aluminum pressure casting, magnesium casting and other casting processes;
  • Realization of complex geometries;
  • Huge scope of design;
  • No drilling and no tamping necessary;
  • Near end outline casting with remarkable material savings;
  • Realization of a consequent lightweight construction possible;
  • ...

Cut through core in cast partCombicore is perfect for High Pressure Die Casting and casting pressures >1000 bar.